(?) What is co-working?

  • Coworking is a membership club that brings together individuals and group of  people who need a place to conduct their business in an interactive environment.

(?) Why to work at a co-working space instead of a coffee shop?

Reasons to why it’s better to work at a co-working space instead of a coffee shop:

  • Lots of opportunities to meet like-minded individuals or organisations.
  • When surrounded with people who are so focusing on their work, you will also feel more motivated to work rather than sitting with a bunch of people who come to the coffee shop for entertainment, chatting and gossipping.
  • Equal or even lower cost than what you have to pay in order to work at a coffee shop but you will get a more professional and quiet environment.
  • Better wifi quality since in the coffee shops, wifi is not for working but for customers to use while they are eating or drink so the wifi is not as strong.
  • You will not receive any “funny” look from anyone for stay so long with your laptop.
  • You will not have to decide whether to leave your stuffs at the table and risk having them stolen or pack up and bring them along when you need to leave for a toilet break.

(?)What are the packages that BISHUB is providing?

The current packages that we are offering:

  • Membership ( flexible and fixated)
  • Private office
  • Virtual office
  • Meeting/ conference room

Moreover,BISHUB also provides the following services: enterprise law consultation, enterprise accounting and enterprise branding.

(?) What are the benefits am I going to receive being a member of BISHUB?

Being a member of BISHUB, you are going to be benefited from:

  • Absolute freedom in working and creating in an environment which is: professional, mordern, fully-equipped, aesthetic and dynamic.
  • Receive advice, consultation regarding: enterprise law, enterprise accounting, enterprise branding from BISHUB’s reliable partners.
  • Connect, expand your network with plenty of potential prospects, partners from various fields.
  • Free access to pantry, guest and outdoors area.
  • Free access to our library.
  • Free access to the relaxing zone, includes of a pool- table, a foosball table and to our massage chair with a surprisingly low cost.

(?) What should I bring to work at BISHUB?

  • Bring exactly what you would bring if you were going to work from a coffee shop. If you bring in, you should bring out. We have locking storage solution if you need it.

(?)Can I bring my pet or kids to BISHUB?

  • Sorry, no pet is allowed at BISHUB. Kids are distracting and not conductive to our working environment so please, do not bring them to work.

(?)My work requires me to talk a lot on the phone, is that going to be a problem?

  • If your call frequency and your speaking volume are at a moderate level then absolutely no since BISHUB operates based on mutual respect. However, if the call frequency are very much frequent and your speaking volume is loud causing distraction to other co-workers or your conversation turns private, feel free to take it out side as BISHUB has a beautiful outdoors area or simply step into our phonebooth which will provide you a comfortable area for your job speciality.

(?)How can I get access to BISHUB’s space?

  • If you are our member, you can go in using your member card or your registered fingerprint. If you are a guest, you need to register at our reception counter.

(?)Currently, BISHUB is running the 1-day trial program, can I use the meeting/conference room in that trial day?

  • We don’t have trial offer for meeting/ conference room. A free coworing trial entitles you to one day of coworking during regular business hour.

(?)Which payment methods does BISHUB accept?

  • We are accepting: cash, banking transference and you can also swipe your banking card here.

(?) My job requires me of meeting and working with other people, can I invite my guest to BISHUB?

  • Absolutely, but you need to register your guest at our reception counter and please follow BISHUB’s regulation for guest.

(?)Is courrier service available at BISHUB?

  • Yes, but this service is available pursuant to the package that you are using at BISHUB.

(?)Do I need to wait till 1st of the month to join?

  • No, the day you start is the beginning of your month. No need to wait, come on in.

(?)Can I use BISHUB for my business address?

  • Yes, check out our Premium Virtual office package for more detail.

(?) How is BISHUB’s wifi quality?

  • Our wifi is very much fast and stable, you can access it from any point in BISHUB.

(?) Where do I park?

  • For bike, you can park it in our basement. For car, there’s a car parking spot just a couple of minutes walking from BISHUB.

 (?) Being a member of BISHUB, how will I be updated about things that take place in BISHUB?

  • Yes, every BISHUB member will receive invitations and information of events and acitivities happening in BISHUB through email and facebook group.