Starting up and running a business that is difficult and complicated, Bishub wants to simplify business, helping businesses focus on developing; we want maximum support for businesses (about administrative, legal, relationships issue …), help young businesses in Vietnam develop and be comparable with corporations in the world.

BisHub-Coworking creates a modern, professional and creative working space with well-qualified facilities and services based on international standards for start-ups, medium and small enterprises. but at a cost savings of up to 50%. The reason why: because we help businesses share common costs such as meeting rooms, receptionist, security, recreation, resort, kitchen, reception room …

BisHub integrates office with café, billiard table, table football, massage chair, outdoor working garden … helping individuals work creatively in a dynamic atmosphere as a club

BisHub-Coworking offers the following services:

  • Flexible and fixed membership package with a cost of 300k / month
  • Office package: Private office from 4 million / month
  • Virtual office: With only 490k-1 million you can set up company, business registration, reception at BisHub.
  • Meeting and conference rooms: costs from 100k / 1h (Free and discount for BisHub members)
  • Business Law Consultancy
  • Tax accounting for small and medium enterprises

Why you choose BisHub Coworking Space:

Inspiring more focus on working.

Building professional impression  in the eyes of partners/customers.

Saving time and money  to manage, help you focus on the core values, business runs more effectively.

Connect the community of domestics business at and abroad.

Flexibility: You only pay for  what you use, per hour, day, month.

Opportunity to invest in expanding social netwwork.

=> Bishub Coworking offers a fully-equipped work space, modern based on international standard facilities.

Who should use Coworking Space

  • The start-up company has many changes in scale.
  • The company has less than 100 employees
  • Companies want to have a professional working environment, increase productivity and efficiency of employees.
  • Companies do not want to wory about asset management, human resources, supplies.
  • Companies want to reduce the office cost by 50%.
  • Individuals who are working in a company or state, want an extra work to do more.

The Difference of BisHub:

Commitment No. 1 on price

The most beautiful outdoor working space

Having many types of meeting rooms, conference rooms,…

Having many amenities: Massage Chair, billiards, table football, Library, free cafe tea …

Support for check in-out, payroll free